Author & Niche Perfumery

  • Designer/Commercial Perfumery

    Designer or Commercial perfumery are fragrances created by famous fashion houses dedicated to clothing, jewelry, accessories, makeup and cosmetics that take advantage of the marketing of their products to sell the largest number of perfumes, since their main objective is to sell massively. These perfumes are often designed to meet current market trends and appeal to a wide and diverse audience. Their mass production and the choice of synthetic ingredients allows to reduce production costs, so they are usually cheap or affordable and easily accessible. This type of perfumery seeks to sell an ideal of luxury based on the name of the house, its history and, very commonly, a well-known celebrity who accompanies the fragrance's marketing campaigns.

  • Author/Niche Perfumery

    Author or Niche perfumery is an alternative to the mass production of perfumes. Art and creativity take center stage in this type of perfumery, and as it applies to any other type of arts, there is the possibility that the creation of a niche perfume will only appeal to a limited and exclusive group of audiences. However, regardless of the risk, niche houses are constantly growing as people, saturated by the mass production of perfumes, want to have a unique fragrance. The niche and signature perfume industry tends to favor exclusivity, creativity, originality and self-expression over mainstream trends. This is why artisan perfumers view fragrance creation as an art form. They pride themselves on carefully selecting their ingredients, building the chord to create precious and unique fragrances with multiple distinct and complex notes that create lasting impressions and memories, mostly inspired by and expressing stories, places, memories, images, emotions and feelings.