About Us

Nasus Galería

Nasus Galería was born to offer the Mexican market fragrances of the highest quality at affordable prices and extraordinary customer service. Established in April 2023 by partners, friends and lovers of High Perfumery, Erik Fraire and Diego Mendoza, Nasus Galería introduces new European brands and fragrances of the highest quality in Mexico. Nasus Galería sees Author and Niche Perfumery beyond instantaneous business; it aims to boost and promote High Perfumery in Mexico to position it as one of the most important markets worldwide through a culture based on education, honesty, transparency, interaction, learning and the love and enthusiasm that we all share for perfumery.


With nearly a decade of friendship, Erik Fraire and Diego Mendoza, professional soccer players, have always found common ground in their tastes for sports, music, movies, art, and family, sharing values ​​and ideals relevant to them and their interpersonal relationships, such as loyalty, respect, leadership, discipline, self-improvement and discipline. Based on these values, they decided to convert one of their greatest passions, perfumery, into a company with which they could share their taste for haute perfumery with more fragrance lovers, and create an educated community that has love for a good perfume as a common denominator.


To establish ourself as the largest Niche and Author Perfumery marketing company in the country, with the best brand portfolio, products and customer service, as well as the largest distribution network in Mexico.


To be the leading company in the positioning of Niche and Author Perfumery in Latin America.